Who We Are

As the first and only recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in Bailey, CO, Sunrise Solutions proudly offers a wide range of innovative, high-quality products and friendly, supportive customer service. Founded by Josh Grady, a lifelong Bailey resident, this marijuana center is committed to providing alternatives to standard pharmaceutical medications, and to standard medical side effects, as well as a variety of products for recreational use.

Our Vision

Sunrise Solutions is proud to offer something for everyone. Their shelves boast a dizzying array of items, including: - Brownies - Punch drinks - Full-flavored THC-enhanced herbal teas - Chocolates - Candy raspberries - Chewable medicinal taffy - Cookies - Lozenges - A comprehensive selection of flowers from around the world. Whether you're a chronic pain patient looking for relief, enjoy marijuana's recreational benefits, or just want to try something new, Sunrise Solutions has just what you're looking for, in exactly the potency you need. As a locally-owned business, Sunrise Solutions is proud to be a member of the Bailey community, and is dedicated to helping preserve the unique, small-town feel that makes this area special. As much as possible, their medicinal and recreational products, glassware, and photography are all sourced by merchants and vendors within 15 miles of town.

Our Location

Sunrise Solutions

43 Main Street,

Bailey, CO 80421

Phone. 303-816-6337

Email. sunrisesolutions@hotmail.com

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm

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